Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank You!

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your support, this has been quite the year! Tegan is now in remission as of last Wednesday and they will continue to monitor her closely over the next 2 years. The type of cancer she has is very aggressive and this has just been miracle after miracle through this treatment. I'm so greatful to be a part of this as it has blessed my life and increased my faith. I appreciate all of the support we have received from our community, from Angela's parent's community back in Maryland, from friends, family, aquaintances, and perfect strangers, it has been wonderful. Your continued prayers in her behalf and support for this family is so greatly needed. Thank you for helping. Thank you for having faith to get them through. Thank you for being positive for Tegan. This little girl is amazing. I don't have the words to adequately express my feelings over any of this. It is just amazing to me to feel the love and compassion that you all have. What a great thing to participate in! This has been quite emotionally and financially devastating to this family and your support has sustained them and will continue to sustain them. Thank you for donating your time, finances and services. If anyone is interested in helping further, please contact me (Jenn Barlow) at 208-968-1705. Donations are greatly appreciated and thank you again for all you do! What an opportunity to be a part of something so special! Thank you.


Jenn Barlow

Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cakes
$20 for plain (ribbon/bows only), $35 for embellished (other items added on) Call 208-968-1705 to order or email Jenn